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A lot of students come to Australia with the idea of applying to permanent residency and one of the most effective ways to get it is to studying a master in Australia. But why? how is the process?

This e-book will give you a lot of tips and ideas about how studying in Australia can boost your chances to get permanent residency.

What's inside the E-book?

Why studying in Australia is your best option?

Learn the benefits Australia offers to international students. How the education system work and how to identify regional cities to study.

The pathway to become permanent resident in Australia

Discover and understand the immigration system in Australia. You could boost your chances from the beginning by having the best strategy.

Scholarships in Australia? How do they work?

Australia is a country that offers heaps of opportunities to study. Discover what type of scholarships universities are offering and tips and tricks to get one.

Learn about the Post-study work visa in Australia

Studying a master in Australia opens up the a lot of possibilities to stay in the country. Discover the rules to get one of this visa.

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Somos We are Education and Migration Services Australia - EMSA.

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Our education and migration services company started over 10 years ago, born from a passion for travel and a desire to share our great country with the world. We love meeting people, getting to know their migration dreams and making them a reality.

Discover how studying a master in Australia could open hundreds of possibilities to stay in one of the best countries in the world!

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